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Thank you GIFSA...

I just wanted to write and say thanks to you (GIFSA) for your continued support. Right from my first World Championships in Lyon in 2013 my Dad, Ken has told me of how you are asking about my progress. It's great to have so many good people like yourself in my corner and that support is invaluable.  Dad has told me about GIFSA and I wanted to say how important your role and influence is on people with disabilities and their families. I hope my story can be a source of encouragement for others with a disability to get involved in some form of physical activity.

Thank you again.
Chad Perris
(Bronze Medalist 100m sprint-Rio 2016 Paralympian)

I would like to commend Robert Hicks and his team from the Goldfields Individual and Family Support Association—GIFSA—for the work they are doing in remote Aboriginal communities with carers and those with disabilities. With the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and with that being managed from Geelong, I hope that they can continue to work collaboratively with GIFSA to maintain the high standard of service currently being provided.

Kyran O'Donnell MP (Hansard 17 May 2017)

Why I like being supported by GIFSA...

Just wanted to say sometimes it's the little things that make me truly grateful . I was setting up some more commands in Bens i-touch communication devices that GIFSA helped us to get and found that we could change the voice from an American male adult to a Australian male boy but it was $18 , because of the brokerage funding it wasn't even a question that we could get it and have Ben more closely represented with this voice . It's absolutely awesome to be able to acquire all that we do to better Ben’s life and in turn ours . This 'little' thing was big to us. So thank you Allison for all you do and the help and support that you offer in such a personal way. Also a huge thank you to GIFSA for helping families like ours improve quality were we otherwise would have struggled - Kathryn

My family are really pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Joanna Davis , GIFSA's new Behaviour Support Consultant. We have met with Joanna and have found her to be supportive to our son's needs and her willingness to work him, the family and his support worker (Sam) has eased our minds and is beginning to bring about positive changes. Joanna emails us summaries of discussions, outlines any decisions and documents the next steps to help him develop more independence. This helps everyone to 'be on the same page' when dealing with our son. Until Joanna came to GIFSA there was no service like this available to the people in the Goldfields and with five other children we cannot afford to go to Perth to access metropolitan services. Thank you Joanna and GIFSA - Melissa

GIFSA have been supporting me for several years now, and take care of all my needs. Occasionally my care/medical needs will change. When this happens, GIFSA discuss it with me, and include relative health care professionals and my main support workers (Lindsay & Kathy) to ensure the changes are the best for me. I'm kept involved with the process and am asked for feedback once the changes are in place. Also, I'm regularly taken to the shops, cafes, etc, and GIFSA ensure I am included in social activities, like clients' birthdays, going to the movies, doing the odd project at the Men's Shed, or taken on a holiday. My carers also take great interest in my hobbies, which are collecting DVD's and doing puzzle books. My life is both very rewarding and enjoyable, thank you GIFSA. - David

Thank you GIFSA for my brokerage over the past year, it has been a blessing to our family with the respite. We are grateful to be now receiving funding through DSC. - Lauren.

Why I like working for GIFSA...

I would like to sincerely thank you all for the outstanding support and help that you provided from the day I have joined GIFSA. Even though it has been a roller coaster ride for me and my family, I appreciate your faith in my abilities and will certainly do my very best to live up to the organisations expectations. - Raj

One thing that I enjoy most is making a difference in people's lives, and I find it very rewarding to support and improve the life of someone with a disability. I began with GIFSA in 2011, and have since been supporting a client who is confined to a wheelchair. GIFSA are very supportive, and put me through the Certificate 4 in Disability Support last year. Management always advise me of upcoming courses to improve my knowledge of support work. My coordinator holds meetings each fortnight with my client to ensure everything is running smoothly for him and his carers. Management are also very receptive to new ideas regarding clients, and any issues involving clients are always taken on board and acted upon quickly. The staff are friendly, and we all work together well. I am very thankful that I am working for GIFSA. - Lindsay

This evening I left work at Goldfields Individual & Family Support Association for the last time. It has been a great experience and taught me a lot about life, my career and how privileged I am. To all the GIFSA office crew, thank you for the love laughs and support. To all the support staff thank you for humouring my many phone calls to pick up extra shifts, and thank you for the amazing work you do with everyone you support. But my biggest thanks must go to those amazing men and women we support, Thank you all for enriching my life every day. I look forward to seeing you all growing, and achieving your goals. You will be missed, but please don't forget you all have my number and I would love to hear how you're all going from time to time. With sadness and fondest admiration I bid you all farewell and much success. Have an excellent year. Arohanui  Nessa (& Saia) - Venessa.

 Just a quick email of thanks. First, thank-you for driving MP & myself to the airport after our Lands trip last month. Both MP and I were very sick with a very nasty strain of flu. We have only just got back on our feet and your kindness in going out of your way on the weekend was gold.  As you know, MP & I went out to The Lands at the invitation of Miss DW & Ngaanyatjarra schools for the purpose (among others) of creating educational opportunities for Ngaanyatjarra children both with and without disabilities. Our project will support families engaged in the Ng school system and broaden their opportunities. MP attended the annual Ngaanyatjarra schools Dust-Up and is now creating a "sister schools" arrangement that will benefit Aboriginal children from both The Lands and in the Upper Hunter. This trip facilitated introductions between Aboriginal Education Officers from NSW and WA, as well as principals and executive officers.  Thank you - Jillian (ex employee)